“9 Months” – C.J. Hutchinson

Spontaneous announcement,
Brimming with elation; embracing and bouncing,
Embryonic inauguration, the inception of planning,
Laborious months until ultrasound heard scanning,
Physical morphing, the rise of the bump,
Swelling spherical, noticeable lump,
Showering streams of sweat and incomprehensible craving,
Evaporation of time, soon my child will be waving,
Prematurely expecting tears as the due date nears,
Each month now reminiscent of elongated years,
Bump now a boulder, as the unborn grows older,
The unimaginable prospect of being able to hold her,
So the scan exclaimed ‘girl!’, watching her tiny toes curl,
Only months ago since she was the scale of a pearl,
Water broke, rushed in, car wheels rotating in a violent spin,
Hairs darting vertical all over my skin,
The moment was unrivalled, her cry a musical greeting,
She cradles obliviously in my arms, the perfect first meeting.


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