“Camdon-Sanderson Loop” – Alexander Beauclair

The following transcript is of the infamous Camdon-Sanderson Loop: cycle 183.

A: Hello M Sanderson, I am A Camdon. This will be our first meeting after the operation.
M: What operation? Where am I!? Don’t I know you!? I was told by someone on the phone I had to get here.
A: Keep calm M, you are still suffering from retrograde amnesia and may have forgotten prior events before the operation. I am certain you will make a full recovery. These interviews will serve to monitor and ease you back into the world. So, let us begin the exercises.

The following exercises are meant to assess M’s recovery in skill-based and factual memory. The operation did not inhibit M’s skill-based learning and therefore skills the exercises test become increasingly proficient after each loop. This is noticed by A in cycle 63 and onwards.

A: Well you seem to be good at piano, did you play before?
M: I don’t recall. Hell, I don’t even remember what yesterday was like. Say A, what’s the date today?
A: (A checks her phone) Strange. It says it’s July 25, but I could’ve sworn it was January 30.

At this point in the loop A will become increasingly distressed. M will then comfort A, marking the end of the interview. The two then decide together to get a coffee, and try to make sense of the unfolding events. The two will become increasingly attracted to each other and will spend the night in the Lowinta Hotel since both are unable to remember their address. They will plan a date for the day after. However, at the end of each night, due to their similar disability, both will lose all memory of the day resulting in another cycle of the loop. The Camdon-Sanderson Loop is continued through the hard work of actors and researchers who hope to further study and help the two. Special thanks to Lowinta hotel staff for their support in this “experiment”. And hopefully further research will allow the two to one day have their special date.


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