“On First Seeing the Constellations” – Vincent Loh

I see Orion’s Belt when she points it out to me,

The three dots that herald the archer’s waist

Barely visible in the orange glow of the street

Lamp in Winter – I trace their path to a twinkling


Dot in the sky, and I imagine that it’s Mars

Nearby, blinking at me – the impatient

God of War demanding that our tributes

Of steel come to clean blood and rust from his


Armour, only to remember that the Gods

In our skies never twinkle – nearby as they are.

Perhaps it’s Siris, the ever North Star, pointing

Southwards in the topsy turvey vertigo of our


Nowadays lives, where I, the daydreamer gazing far

Upwards into the sky, have never seen the stars.


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