“The Stain” – Rhys Clarke

All was harmony before the discord.

All was one before the rift, the crack, the wall, the wall between the potential, our potential, the potential endowed in the Naked Ones by the softly spoken Word, the pride of Logos.

Not Pride-the heart of the discord-bringer, but pride, as in the warm spreading of light when a child succeeds in a task set out for it. A warm spreading of light that once was the harmony. The white, unblemished harmony.

Before the discord.

There was the Naked Shemale. A wife to the First but no less inferior just because she was Second. There was no malcontent, no envy, no repression or oppression between the Naked Ones. These were spawn of the discord. A rift between two halves of a creature that was once a source of fear for the old god Zeus, cleft in two by the discord that the Shemale succumbed to.

Not because she was weak, that is another slander birthed by the slandering light of the morning star, the discord.  She succumbed because she had never known evil.

Was never taught of the dangerous strangerous discord.

Below the seven heavens, the Shemale, alone, stood ‘neath the living knowledge, the breathing wisdom, contraband as succulent as honey, as the land of milk and honey, more tantalising than the emerald fields and the jade trees and the ruby fruit and the prostrating angels.

The forbidden truth beyond all truths, the truths that made the Shemale and her partner’s infinite spawn into death the destroyer of worlds, resembling the tentacled Cthulu.

The forbidden truth drew the Shemale. Even surrounded by an abundance of goodness and tranquillity and satisfaction as she was, something, the evil one, ensnared her consciousness, she was hooked by the fishing line of Iblees.

Something Else joined itself to the Knowledge. This something, the harbringer of the rift-the true culprit-stretched its head out from the shroud of knowledge. The cosmic evil draped its coils, its slippery, shifty coils that had engulfed galaxies and swallowed Red Stars onto her shoulders as it seduced the Shemale






Her hand

And seized hold of the knowledge that will enlighten and eradicate the future.

The evil glowed red with the light of red stars and with the blood of the Shemale’s kin.

The seed of discord, the red seed, was planted.


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